Social Responsibility



Besides being the leading company in product quality, capacity size and reflecting technological developments on production stages and attaches importance to environmental factors in its investments, Nuh Çimento Sanayi A.Ş. attaches importance to environmental factors.

Environmental Planning and Landscaping

Nuh Çimento Sanayi A.Ş. greens every empty area by planting grass with its green area project executed in the factory. With its seasonal flower plantings and waterfall systems, it creates a restful working environment instead of the cold atmosphere of factories and carries on landscaping and green area works without pausing.

It is not bounded by the activities in the factory. It targeted sowing 25,000 plants a year and, passing beyond this target, it carried on its seedling and flower planting activities in many areas by producing 30,000 plants a year.

All roads within the factory are concrete and cleaned with road cleaning machines every day. The environment is always kept clean by dedusting with 138 filters.

Paints of structures in the factory are selected among special paints resistant to dust and sunlight and a top level appearance is provided.

Afforestation of Marl Mine front view (28,000 trees)