Nuh Cimento Industry Inc. in all our investments and activities;

  • While determining our facilities and workplaces, paying attention to the existence of biodiversity areas, areas in nature-specific conservation areas and historical/cultural areas, not establishing facilities in these areas,
  • To support the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity by using environmentally harmful wastes as alternative fuels and raw materials in order to ensure the sustainability of natural resources,
  • Integrate biodiversity-related elements into business strategies,
  • Making a preliminary assessment in terms of biodiversity before starting the activities, evaluating the impact of the activity on biodiversity,
  • To contribute to the protection of biodiversity in the regions where we operate,
  • Complying with all relevant national legislation and contributing to relevant national strategies and action plans,

We direct our efforts to protect and increase biodiversity with our principles.


Nuh Cimento Industry Inc.