Sustainability Management

We have restructured our sustainability team in 2021 within the scope of responsibilities and targets. The structure, which previously operated under the responsibility of our General Manager, started working directly under the CEO and the Board of Directors through our General Manager, who is also the Chairman of the Sustainability Committee.

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing world and the new world order, we have redesigned and structured our sustainability activities with the Sustainability Committee chaired by our General Manager together with the vision drawn by our CEO.

The Integrated Annual Report Preparation Committee, formed by our managers from the Environment and Sustainability, Human Resources and Finance departments, and our Environment and Sustainability Manager responsible for performance monitoring and reporting, lead six working groups that develop projects for our focus areas.

The details of these six working groups and the issues that make up their agendas are included in the diagram below. Within the scope of monitoring and reporting, we organize regular meetings with working groups with monthly periods, and we hold two meetings per year within the scope of the annual integrated annual report. We follow up all our sustainability targets included in our report and support our corporate goals with this team and regularly report the developments related to our performance to our General Manager at least twice a year.